Thursday, April 14, 2011

Virtual Hanging Cocoon

Ok, so I have always LOVED those hanging cocoon's.  But, I am a safety girl, and I have never thought that they were safe.  I would never want to put my newborn in one.  So, I decided that even though they are soooo cute, I was never going to make up a pattern for one. 

But, just recently I had an idea.  I could make up a pattern for a VIRTUAL hanging cocoon (it looks like it is hanging, but it really isn't).  That way, I get my safety, and I get to use these adorable photo props.  So, I have written up a pattern, and it is now for sale in my etsy shop

 None of these babies are actually hanging, they are just set against a backdrop, and someone behind is holding up the strap so that it just looks like they are hanging!  No worries!  I actually got to take the one below (yay!) and I just put a few pillows behind the backdrop to set the baby against, and had the mom hold up the strap.  It worked out PERFECT!! 

 There are a few pictures in here from Chelsea Olson Photography.  She is a great photographer, and I love working with her.  Thanks Chelsea!

Coming soon:  Virtual Hanging Cocoon for an older child.  The child pictured below is 1 year old.


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